Miele Complete C3 Calima Canister Vacuum Cleaner


$ 649.00 


Since 1931 when the first canister vacuum cleaner was introduced, miele has consistently produced industry standards in home appliances for design, convenience, and durability with fine german engineering. The S8 series Calima model is no exception but is exceptional in its performance and versatility is the name of the game with canister vacuum cleaners.

  • Low Noise 1,200–watt Miele-made  Vortex Motor™
  • Exclusive color coded Sealed AirClean System™
  • Self sealing AirClean FilterBags™ type G/N, 4.76 quart
  • 36 ft overall cleaning radius
  • Bag replacement indicator
  • 6-stage suction control via durable foot controls
  • Integrated Tools Accessories
  • Lightweight Skeleton Construction
  • One touch cable rewind