Miele Dynamic U1 Jazz Upright Vacuum Cleaner


$ 499.00 


The Miele Jazz vacuum cleaner is one of the most popular vacuum cleaner in the market offering tremendous value, premium features and world-class engineering. Unlike less expensive models, the Miele Jazz comes with a headlight & HEPA filtration system.  The Miele Jazz is equipped to clean any type of home with any type of layout.  The Jazz vacuum cleaner is part of the Dynamic Series, if you a pet in the home you may want to look at the Miele Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner




  • HEPA FiltrationThe Active HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter not only captures and retains tiny, lung-damaging particles (including dust mite feces and pollen), it also uses the same Generally Activated Charcoal filter (GAC) that the Active Air Clean filter uses to absorb odors. This Miele filter conforms to the new stringent European standard for filtration (EN 1822) which means that it actually traps 99.99% of all particles as tiny as 0.3 of a micron. These filters are so well designed that they only need to be replaced after 50 hours of use, or approximately 12 months.
  • Swivel Neck. A significant benefit of the Miele S7 is its innovative, patented Swivel Neck which allows steering in all directions. The Swivel Neck is so maneuverable the S7 can even be laid flat to the floor which makes getting under beds and other low furnishings easier than ever before.
  • 1,200 Miele Made Vortex Motor. The powerful yet quiet 1200-watt Miele Made Vortex Motor, shows optimal usage of power through the airflow resulting in great cleaning performance with superior dust intake. This motor has cleared a 20 year test and is covered by the 7 year Miele Warranty.
  • L.E.D. Headlight for Maximum Visibility. LED lights illuminate the area in front of the vacuum allowing you to see all areas your vacuuming.
  • Sealed System. Miele AirClean Sealed system with HEPA ensures that clean air is expelled from vacuum. 
  • AutoSeal Closure Filter Bag. The unique AutoSeal Closure Filter Bag instantly locks in dust, dirt and allergens when the filter bag is removed. Changing a bag has never been so easy. 
  • Automatic Height Adjustment. Miele S Jazz unique electrobrush follows the contours of the floor, automatic adjusting for different carpet depths and floor covering. An unique constant contact technology ensures even consistent suction and gentle cleaning as you move from one floor type to other. 
  • Dust Bag Change Indicator. There's no need to check the contents of your vacuum bag; this S7 upright tells you when it's time to replace it automatically, removing any guess work on when to replace the vacuum bag. 
  • On-Board Attachments. Three standard attachments including the natural soft bristle brush, an upholstery tool, and a crevice tool ride on the back of the vacuum for quick and convenient use. 

Included Tools
  • SFD10 Extended Crevice Tool,
  • SSP10 Dusting Brush,
  • Standard Upholstery Tool
  • 7-Year Motor Warranty
  • 7-Year Casing Warranty
  • 1-Year Warranty on all other components