Riccar Brilliance R30 HEPA Vacuum Bags (6 Pack) RNH-6

Riccar Brilliance R30 HEPA Vacuum Bags (6 Pack) RNH-6
Product Description

Genuine HEPA media bags fit R30 Brilliance models with the blue self-sealing bag technology. These thick, heavy-duty bags are designed to handle the unique way Brilliance R30 vacuums compress dirt in the bag, so replacing the bag when it's two-thirds full is important to keep the vacuum cleaning at its best.
The RNH-6 bags feature the red bag collar that slides closed upon removal for clean and easy bag disposal. 6 bags per pack.  Original Riccar Part # RNH-6

RNH-6 HEPA Media Bags fit these Riccar vacuums:

  • Brilliance Deluxe R30D
  • Brilliance Premium R30P
  • Brilliance Retriever model R30PET

For other model Brilliance vacuum models BRLS, BRLD, BRLP and BRLD.RETRIEVER, see Item RWH-6, HEPA Media Bags.

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