Ravensworth Center Location

Visit us at our store at 5250 E Port Royal Road / Springfield, Va 22151.

Call us directly at the store (703) 952-2435 for directions or any questions.

Vacuums Unlimited

We only sell the best vacuums in the market made by the best brands at the lowest possible price. We help you find the best vacuum cleaner for your home. Shopping at our local store gives you access to top rated vacuums, vacuum cleaner bags, filters, supplies, parts, accessories & air purifiers you won't find anywhere else.
Every home is different - different layout, flooring and size. The best way to buy a vacuum cleaner that is best for your home is to visit our store and meet with one of our vacuum cleaner experts who will help you find the best vacuum cleaner for your home.  Our store has a huge selection of vacuum cleaners in all shapes, sizes at every price point.  Shop local to save time, money & heartache.  You deserve to own a vacuum cleaner you will love. If you are shopping for a Vacuum Cleaner or tired of your old one make the right choice by visiting Vacuums Unlimited. 
Vacuums Unlimited