Reliable Steamboy Steam Mop


$ 99.00 


Genuine Reliable Steamboy 200CU. This steam cleaner allows for cost-effective, safe, and healthy cleaning because its sole ingredient is water! The Steamboy 200CU removes dirt and odors from carpet and hard floors with 245 degree F water. It has a removable water tank and a carpet glide feature for area rugs and carpet surfaces. 

Product Specifications:

  • Releases 245 (F) Degree steam
  • Quick heat up time of 2 mins
  • Swivel head allows for 11" cleaning path
  • Water capacity of 2.4 cups
  • Handle designed ergonomically
  • 21 ft cord with wrapping capability
  • 1 replaceable water filter, 2 microfiber cloth pads

Steamboy Micropads (2)