Sanitaire Poly-V Drive Belt Part # 77133


$ 7.49 


Genuine Sanitaire Poly-V Drive Belt. Original part # 77133.

Belts are rubber and will stretch and wear out. The belt turns the brushroll at thousands of revolutions per minute. The tighter or newer the belt, the better the vacuum will perform. So, it is important to check the belt periodically for any signs of wear that can result from normal use over time.

Fits Models:C4910, EL4042, EL4300, EL4305, EL4307, EL4650, EL6988, EL7020, EL7024, EL7055, EL7057, EL7060-EL7063, EL7066, EL7070, EL7070, EL7083, EL7085, EL7300, EL8500, EL8501, EL8502, EL8505, EP9110, S9120, SC9150, SC9180

Replaces part number(s) : 155267, 155557, EL097, NUE-401