Simplicity S20EZM Vacuum Cleaner

Want a great value on a HEPA media vacuum with extra-long reach and power? Look no further than the S20EZM. Its quick-draw wand and on-board tools make above-the-floor cleaning simple, and its metal brushroll, handle tube and wand are made to last. Plus it carries the Gold Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute. This vacuum cleaner will make an excellent addition to any home. Also great for homes with pets.


  • Aluminum Telescopic Wand - Lightweight metal wand is durable.
  • HEPA Media Bag - Traps particles in the bag when vacuuming.
  • Gold Seal of Approval - The Carpet and Rug Institute gave this vacuum a Gold Seal of Approval for its ability to remove soil, contain dust and retain carpet quality.
  • HEPA Media Filter - Traps particles that make you sneeze
  • Onboard Tools - Like a cleaning ninja, whip out a crevice tool here, an upholstery tool there and twirl your dusting brush to destroy your enemy - dirt!
  • High Marks for No Marks - A non-marking furniture guard and rubber wheels protect floors and baseboards from bumps and scratches.
  • 1 year warranty covering any and all manufacturer defects.

Special Offer from us - $50 in FREEBIES for a limited time we will be giving 12 vacuum cleaner bags (2-3 year supply depending on usage) with every Simplicity vacuum cleaner purchased during the month of March for FREE.  No coupon needed we will just send the 12 Free Vacuum Bags with your Vacuum Cleaner.


THIS vacuum cleaner is a BAGGED VACUUM CLEANER as opposed to a BAGLESS vacuum cleaner.  BAGGED vacuum cleaners use a BAG to collect the dirt, dust & allergens that the vacuum cleaner picks up.  BAGGED VACUUM CLEANERS are generally more expensive, lower in maintenance (do not clog easily), less smelly and last longer than BAGLESS vacuum cleaners.  BAGGED vacuum cleaners are a MUST OWN for ALLERGY SUFFERERS & PET OWNERSIf you are looking for a top rated Simplicity Bagless Vacuum Cleaner click here.  


About Simplicity from Simplicity

At Simplicity, we’re focused on one thing: building exceptional vacuums. We know you may be used to buying a new vacuum every year, and we’re here to stand for a change. As our name implies, we believe cleaning should be simple. To accomplish this goal, we have engineers and structural designers who scrutinize every detail of our vacuums. In the end, each element is the best it can be. Don’t know much about quality vacuums? Have no fear: Simplicity is here to save you from another bad vacuum!

Simplicity Vacuums have metal components in all the right places. Many models have HEPA media filtration, too. That means every time you vacuum with Simplicity you’ll also breathe a little easier.

No matter what type of home you have, there’s a Simplicity for you. If you have a lot of stairs or large rooms, a lightweight vacuum is a great choice. Need something for hard to reach places? Choose a vacuum with lots of attachments. With Simplicity, you’ll transform your home into a tidier, happier place.