How to pick the perfect vacuum cleaner for your home?

August 07, 2015 2 min read

Buying the right vacuum cleaner can be very challenging; you must take into consideration all that your home demands.  We must also take into consideration all of your demands as well as a user.  For example if you live in a home with predominantly bare floors than it doesn't make any sense to buy vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed for carpets. Another example would be if you have a bad shoulder it doesn't make sense to buy a heavy vacuum cleaner. We give you five easy steps in determining what vacuum cleaner is right for you.  

Step 1: Determine your budget.  This is an important step.  Decide on how much you are willing to spend on a vacuum cleaner.  Remember vacuum cleaners play an important part in removing unwanted dust and dirt from our homes / maintaining our homes / protecting our homes & us, therefore our recommendation will be that if you can afford a high quality vacuum cleaner (which tend to be on the pricey side); than go for it. 

Step 2: Determine your cleaning preferences.  Vacuum cleaners come in all shapes and sizes. There are canister vacuums, upright vacuums, hand vacuums, stick vacuums, wet and dry vacuums, central vacuums & robotic vacuums.  There are also light weight vacuum cleaners & heavy duty vacuum cleaners.  There are vacuum cleaners with on-board tools & vacuums with hospital grade HEPA filtration.  Decide on what matters most to you. 

Step 3:  Do your research on vacuum cleaner manufacturers. In general Kirby, Miele, Riccar, Maytag, Dyson, Electrolux, Rainbow, Filter Queen, Oreck, Sebo are regarded as premium vacuum cleaner brands.  Premium vacuum cleaners  have larger motors, usually sealed,  and come with a minimum 5 - 10 year life-cycle depending on manufacturer.  Kenmore, Hoover, Eureka, Bissell & Dirt Devil make vacuum cleaners with good features but are built with cheaper parts.  We regard these brands as disposable vacuum cleaners.  Disposable vacuum cleaners has a 2-4 year life-cycle, short cord length, unsealed & have smaller, cheaper motors. 

Step 4: Based on your home's layout, budget and manufacturer of choice you should be able to narrow down your choices considerable. Most major vacuum cleaner brands are made up of several vacuum cleaner models that make up the brand's entire product range. These models will vary by price and features. The average home has a mixture of carpets & bare-floors, maybe tile in the kitchen area, plus some area rugs with furniture in various different rooms.  Our general recommendation is buying a vacuum cleaner based on your budget & brand of choice with carpet & bare-floor cleaning ability, some sort of effective filtration system & on-board tools.  

Step 5:  After you buy the vacuum cleaner within a reasonable amount of time assemble it and put it to work.  If it does not A. make life easier & B. Deep clean, return it from the store you bought it form.  You don't buy a vacuum cleaner everyday, actually you will literally have to live with this purchase for several years, don't hold on to something you don't like and doesn't do the job right. 

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