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Tired of disappointing vacuum cleaners? 

We’ve all had them. Ones that don’t seem to pick up anything. Others that clog every time you use them. And those that start off strong, but quickly fall apart and need to be replaced after only a year or so of service. It was out of these same frustrations that Riccar was born.

 Every vacuum that bears that Riccar name is designed not only for exceptional cleaning performance, but with the long term in mind. While others skimp and use plastic, the high-wear areas throughout Riccar vacuums incorporate metal components. It’s simply what’s required to ensure every Riccar vacuum provides unrivaled cleaning performance that we can stand behind with some of the longest warranties in the industry. There are over 20 Riccar models each differ by feature, style & price. Visit a Vacuums Unlimited store near you and "test-drive" a Riccar vacuum cleaner for yourself. 

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A few Testimonials:

Wow Review by Stephvan99 This vac is amazing! I can't say enough good things about it. I had a Dyson previously. This vac is so much better. I have lots of animals so lots of dust and hair. It cleans my luxury vinyl floors and area rugs spotless. The height adjustment is great for area rugs. I use the brush attachment to clean dust off my leather furniture and dust underneath. Extra long hose and long cord are great. I couldn't be happier. You definitely can't go wrong with this vac. 

Very Happy with purchase so far Review by japickaAbsolutely love the Riccar R20D I just purchased. I have only really had a chance to clean one room with it. We had just vacuumed the hose with a Hoover that died no more than 2 days prior. You could clearly hear it picking up stuff that the Hoover clearly missed. It's quieter than the Hoover it replaced and it is clearly better built, better designed and I am glad it's Made in the USA.

I have owned a fair amount of vacuums now, 2 Hoovers, a Rainbow. The Rainbow was very well built but after time using a canister vacuum got old and the canister is heavy with all that water. The Hoovers were just chinese built garbage both lasted roughly 3 years before the motor burned out.

I am glad that I found out about Riccar, I can tell it's going to be something that is going to function well for years.

Best Cordless Vac Review by G. O.This vacuum is the best CORDLESS I Ever Saw!! This Vacuum Cleans very great & The suction power never leaves until the battery dies!!!!!!!!!

Best ultra lite vac on the planet Review by Cleaning ControlsI have been in the commercial cleaning business since 1974 . This vacuum is a re-tooled, improved design, that has been around for awhile, and I consider it one of , if not the best, ultra-lite uprights. I always use the lower speed as it works almost as well as high speed , produces less noise, increases roller brush and motor life. We use this model at home for 3 years running, and have not had to replace anything, except bags, of course. Works excellent on hard surfaces, at low speed. And being ultra lite is important . Much easier to move 9lbs of machinery back and forth, rather than 18 - 20 lbs. Just ask your back. Well worth the money when you consider the job it does, ease of use, and longevity . Highly recommend.




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