Riccar Prima Vacuum Cleaners

Riccar Prima canister style vacuums are lightweight & powerful vacuum cleaners suited to homes with a variety of flooring surfaces. With various nozzle options and floor attachments, Riccar Prima vacuum cleaners easily move from carpet to bare floors. They're always ready for above-the-floor cleaning with tools to tackle every cleaning task.  The Riccar Prima vacuum cleaners offers a 7-stage  sealed HEPA Filtration system making this vacuum cleaner ideal for allergy sufferers, pet owners, as well as busy homes with a lot of foot traffic.   Visit a Vacuums Unlimited store near you further details.

 Fall Promotions

How to trade-in your vacuum cleaner for double the value?

      1. Bring your vacuum cleaner to store regardless of condition
      2. Let a Team Member know that you would like to trade-in vacuum cleaner
      3. Select Vacuum Cleaner best suited for your home.
      4. Let TEAM MEMBER know you would like to take advantage of promo code: 2xTRADE
      5. Save BIG BUCKS & own a vacuum cleaner that you love.