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Riccar Tandem Air Deluxe Vacuum Cleaner
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Riccar Tandem Air Deluxe Vacuum Cleaner

Regular price $ 1,199.99 Sale price $ 1,099.99 FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS ABOVE $49.99 + RETURNS
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If your home is larger than 1500 square feet, the dual motor Riccar Tandem Air Vacuum Cleaner is the best vacuum cleaner you can buy.  Your home is one of the largest investments you are going to make in your life.  Your vacuum is responsible for keeping dirt dust and allergens out of your home and keeping your home clean and maintaining the condition of your floors.  Larger homes demand a high-performance vacuum cleaner. 

The Riccar Tandem Air Deluxe vacuum cleaner is a high-performance vacuum cleaner that features the revolutionary Tandem Air System - its features dual motors that work together to deep clean all types of flooring while offering a long reach hose and telescopic wand system that does not compromise on suction power.  This vacuum cleaner also features one of the industry's most sophisticated multi-stage HEPA filtration system with odor control and is the best upright vacuum cleaner money can buy for homes without pets just behind its big brother The Riccar Tandem Air Premium Pet vacuum cleaner which may be your options if you have pets in the home and are willing to pay for THE Best.   

Allergy suffers will breathe easy because this vacuum features a self-sealing HEPA media bag trap 99.97% of microns 0.3 or larger and makes bag changing simple and clean.  Hall sensor technology built into the Tandem Air Deluxe protects the vacuum cleaner and its motor.  Other durability features include metal parts in high-wear areas; a chrome brushroll with replaceable brush strips, metal bottom plate, metal cord storage hook, aluminum handle tube and metal upright stop ensure long-lasting service. This Tandem Air Deluxe vacuum is built in the USA features the highest quality internal moving components available and is designed to give consistent and effective cleaning performance on carpets, rugs, bare floors and everything above the floor.   

A telescopic aluminum wand with curved handle, stretch hose and on-board tools extend your cleaning reach up to 15 feet, which is perfect for cleaning crevices, stairs and everything above the floor. Control suction from the handle or by rotating the Tools On/Off dial. The Tandem Air Deluxe vacuum is backed by a 5-year warranty.

This vacuum cleaner is ideal for:

  • homes with pets
  • allergy sufferers
  • larger homes above 2000 square feet
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Riccar Premium Pet Tandem Air Vacuum Cleaner
Regular price $ 1,699.99 Sale price $ 1,599.99

Riccar Premium Pet Tandem Air Vacuum Cleaner

Regular price $ 1,699.99 Sale price $ 1,599.99 FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS ABOVE $49.99 + RETURNS
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The Riccar Tandem Air Premium Pet model is the ultimate vacuum for allergy sufferers and pet owners, offers the highest level of durability and performance in an upright vacuum. Designed with Tandem Air dual motor technology, two motors work together not only to pull dirt from deep in the carpet but also to power tools for above-floor cleaning. A seven-stage filtration system with a HEPA Plus media filter, self-sealing HEPA media vacuum bag and granulated charcoal filter ensure no dust escapes, and odors, including many volatile organic compounds, are contained. Even when you can't see deep-down dirt, the Riccar Tandem Air Premium Pet can. Its dirt sensor detects dirt lurking in your carpet so you can remove the gritty particles before they damage carpet fibers. Designed with a reinforced belt, the Hall sensor technology stops the brushroll when it senses a jam. It's simple to remove the offending object and restart the vacuum -- with no broken belts. Bag and filter sensors remind you when your vacuum needs attention. Powerful tool cleaning starts with up to a 15-foot cleaning reach, engineered so pulling the hose doesn't topple the vacuum. Deluxe onboard tools are at-the-ready, but we've also included a bonus self-cleaning Fur Get It pet tool. Outstanding durability is a hallmark of this Tandem Air vacuum. The handle tube, brushroll, bottom plate, foot pedal and telescopic wand are all constructed of metal to withstand years of heavy use. Riccar backs this model with its longest upright vacuum warranty.


  • 15-Foot Cleaning Reach - A longer hose with balanced design stretches further without tipping the vacuum.
  • Carrying Handle - Balances weight perfectly for carrying on stairs or between rooms.
  • Granulated Charcoal Filter - Your best defense against pet odors.
  • On-Board Tools - Tools are stored on-board for easy access.
  • Six-Position Carpet Height Adjustment - From extra-low to extra-high, select a setting for your specific pile height.
  • 100% Sealed Filtration - For allergy sufferers, dust is completely contained with no leakage.
  • LED Headlight - Ultra-bright headlight makes it easier to clean dark corners and under furnishings.
  •  Hepa Filtration - Meets HEPA filtration standard of 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns. Self-sealing bags are simple to attach and remove for clean disposal. Keeps particles trapped in the filter instead of blowing them back into the room.
  • Bonus Tools - Extra accessories help you clean more with the same vacuum.
  • Surface Selector - With the flip of a switch, transition from deep carpet cleaning to gentle bare floor cleaning.
  • Hall Sensor and Lifetime Belt Protection - Breaking a belt is a thing of the past with Hall sensor technology. When it senses a a jammed condition, the brushroll stops until the jam is cleared. Then it's back to vacuuming like nothing ever happened.
  • Metal Brushroll with Replaceable Brushstrips - A strong metal roller is designed to perform well and to last for many years. As you'd expect, brushstrips are replaceable and are customizable to your home's floors.
  • Gold Seal of Approval - Carpet and Rug Institute tested for soil removal, soil containment and carpet wear.

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Tandem Air Technology combines two types of cleaning technology into one vacuum for exceptional carpet cleaning, strong suction for attachments and advanced HEPA media filtration.

Dirt settling deep in carpet cuts into its fibers and destroys the carpet over time. Tandem Air vacuums harness a direct air motor to agitate and pull deep-down dirt from your carpet, along with a clean air motor to increase suction. A flip of a switch shifts cleaning to the tools. Our Tandem Air vacuums also combat odors and particulates with smart placement of filters. All Riccar Tandem Air vacuums have earned the Gold Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute.