Vacuum Cleaner Tune-Up Services

Vacuum Cleaners are appliances that internally circulate dust, dirt and allergens in order to eliminate them from your home. Vacuum Cleaners require regular maintenance otherwise it can actually spit these pollutants back into the air you breathe.  Vacuums Unlimited offers Tune-Up services to keep your vacuum cleaner's performance optimal.   All vacuum cleaners need a Tune-Up at least once every two years.  Visit a Vacuums Unlimited store today and restore your vacuum cleaners performance.

3 different Tune-Up options: Standard($79), Deluxe($99), and Premium ($119)

  1. Inspect Suction & Airflow (Standard, Deluxe, Premium)
  2. Inspect, clean, and service the drive belt (Standard, Deluxe, Premium)
  3. Inspect and service vacuum's hose and / or inlet system (Standard, Deluxe, Premium)
  4. Inspect filters (Standard, Deluxe, Premium)
  5. Check Emissions (Standard, Deluxe, Premium)
  6. Inspect, clean and service the roller brush bearings (Deluxe, Premium)
  7. Inspect, clean and service the roller brush (Deluxe, Premium)
  8. Inspect electrical connections and service loose connections (Deluxe, Premium)
  9. Inspect and clean the housing and base plate (Deluxe, Premium)
  10. Clean and Sanitize the inside of the dirt chamber (Premium)
  11. Inspect, clean and service motor (Premium)
  12. Steam Clean (Premium)