CleanMax Pro-Series CMP-3N Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

CleanMax Pro-Series Upright Vacuum #CMP-3N is built to stand up to the toughest cleaning challenges day after day. With the metal components used throughout the high-wear areas of the vacuum, the CleanMax Pro Series#CMPS-3N is built to withstand years and years of service. The Clean Air System designed to protects the motor by pulling in the dirt and drawing it through the vacuum bag and filter. This way, only the clean filtered air passes through the fan and motor. CleanMax Pro-Series vacuums are as easy to own as they are to use. Features: 10 AMP Capped Motor, Clean Air System, HEPA Filtration Standard, Thermal Motor Protection, Metal Handle, Metal Cord Hook, Metal Bottom Plate, Plastic Brushroll with Ball Bearings, 4 Rubber Wheels with Brass Bushings, 14″ Nozzle, Automatic Height Adjustment, 6.5″ Pigtail with (2) 30 foot Commercial Grade Cords.