Simplicity S65 Premium Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Simplicity S65 Premium Cordless vacuum cleaner is the top-of-the-line model in the manufacturer's line up for its S65 series.  It is the same powerful cordless vacuum cleaner as any of the other Simplicity S65 series models but comes loaded with extra attachments / tools and an extra battery which is why this vacuum cleaner is our favorite cordless vacuum cleaner.  The Simplicity S65 Premium Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is portable, extremely easy to use, has an easy to remove battery, configurable in different ways (see pictures), as well as it comes with every single tool needed for almost any type of vacuum cleaning. 

Our testing showed around a 30-minute battery life on regular setting and a 15-minute battery life on high setting.  Results may vary but the best thing about the Premium model is that you get an extra battery so you can swap it with incase the one you are using runs out. 

This cordless vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning all types of bare flooring, furniture or smooth or non-smooth surface cleaning, amazing for stair cleaning and car cleaning.  Will do a great job on low pile - medium pile carpeting / rugs may not be suitable for thick carpets / rugs.  

The S65 Premium lightweight vacuum cleaner comes with a second battery to clean the whole house in one go. When the first battery runs out, simply plug it into the docking station, swap it out and keep on cleaning. Use as a handheld vacuum or as a stick vac! Easily clean the sofa, car, area rug, hardwood floor and carpet with one tool. Its compact size and multifunctionality make this rechargeable vacuum great for any size home. The included pet turbo brush cleans furniture, stairs and car upholstery to remove fur. When the canister is full, just simply press a button to release the mess.

The S65P comes with a ton of tools and accessories, including a metal wand, LED carpet/bare floor nozzle, storage wall mount, crevice/dusting combo tool, two batteries, storage/dual charging station, wall mount, pet turbo brush, upholstery tool, bare floor soft nozzle and angle adapter. When mounted on the caddy, the assembly measures approximately.

In the box, you'll find: 

  1. S65 vacuum body - with "on" trigger and dust cup
  2. Combo Crevice Tool / Dusting Brush - crevice tool with dusting brush extender
  3. Upholstery tool - great for couches
  4. Angle adapter - helps you get on top of fan blades
  5. Wand - aluminum with electrical integration
  6. Charging dock - store the vacuum and all attachments
  7. Two batteries - Use one and keep the other in the dock
  8. Filter - Genuine HEPA media
  9. Charging cord - Use with any standard outlet
  10. Wall mount - hang your S65 when not in use
  11. Pet turbo tool - With rotation brush roll for extra cleaning power, especially on pet hair
  12. Soft roller hard floor nozzle - a wonder on bare floors
  13. Multi-floor LED headlight nozzle - Rubber wheels and LED headlights